Psychometric Research - Professional Tools for Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Practitioners
About Psychometric Research

We are a small company specialising in high quality tools for Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists.  We have many years experience in the design of electronic biofeedback equipment.  Our main product is the GSR Biofeedback Meter.  We also design and build custom electronics equipment for specific requirements.

In addition we are involved in producing professional hypnotherapy CDs and have a small recording studio dedicated to this purpose.  We also offer here on this website a tutorial enabling therapists to make their own CDs using their home computer and freely available software.  Admittedly the results may not be quite as good as when using a high-end microphone and expensive commercial recording software, nevertheless this tutorial gives you the benefit of our extensive experience in this area and allows you to produce professional results.

Tying in with hypnotherapy CDs, an interesting area in the field of sound is the use of binaural or metronomic sounds in hypnotic induction.  In the near future we will be providing some introductory information, links and downloads on this subject.